Georgia Dome Seat Sale FAQ’s / Terms & Conditions of Sale

Q: What seats are being sold?

A: Authentic seats (sold in pairs) direct from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA. These are authentic pairs of connected seats. They are not designed to be single seats. The pair will be shipped directly from the Dome. We will include custom “Feet” brackets to make the seats stand up and easily support 2 people. The seat buckets will fold just as they do in the Dome.

Q: Do I have to assemble the seats?

A: There is minimal assembly required. There will be (3) “Feet” brackets that have nuts and bolts. The seats themselves are assembled and complete. Instructions come in the box.

Q: When is the sale over?

A: Seats are sold first come, first served. When they are gone – they are gone!

Q: I see you are selling “General Seats” and “Season Ticket Holder Seats”, what is the difference?

A: The difference is a Season Ticket Holder can purchase their ACTUAL seats. “General Seats” are a pair of seats that may be red or black and with random seat numbers from a random location with-in the general seating of the Dome. All seats will of course be in a “used condition” but will be functional. Season Ticket holders please NOTE: we will hold your specific seats for you – however if we sell out of “General Seats” you run the risk of your seats being sold as “General Seats”. Order soon if you want your specific seats!

Q: I’m a Season Ticket Holder with multiple pairs of seats – can I order all my seats at one time?

A:  Yes. Just click Season Ticket Seats and select the quantity for your season ticket seats. All orders go through

Q: Can I order multiple quantities of General seats?

A: There is no limit on the quantity of “General Seats” a customer can purchase. Season Ticket Holders are limited based on their seat account details.

Q: If I order General Seats can I request a black or red colored seats?

A: No. General Seats will be random color and seat numbers.

Q: When will I get my seat order?

A: The seats will be extracted and shipped directly from the Dome by Fed-Ex at some point between March 15th, 2017 and April 15th, 2017. Once the items are shipped, customers will be emailed a Fed-Ex tracking number. You can also monitor the removal process from We will keep you updated!

Q: I live close to the Dome – can I just drive down there and load them in my car?

A: No. All seats will be sent Fed-Ex Ground at some point between March 15th, 2017 and April 15th, 2017. No local pick up allowed.

Q: How can I order?

A: Go to or call our order center toll-free at 1-866-522-3623.

Q: What if I receive my seats and they are broken?

A: We have specialized packaging to minimize any breakage. However if, upon delivery, you have broken or non-functioning seats – take photos of them (please keep your original box) and email the photos to us at [email protected]

Q: Do the Seats come with a warranty?

A: The seats are used from the Dome and come with no warranty expressed or implied. All of the seats are used Dome seats and do NOT come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The “feet” brackets are new and come with a warranty. If your seats are broken during shipment we will help fix or replace – contact [email protected] with photos of the damage. Often times we can send you replacement parts at no charge with easy instructions to make the fix yourself.

Q: If I’m a Season Ticket Holder or family member of one — can I really buy my ACTUAL Seats?

A: Yes! Just enter your information into the “Season Ticket” order form. You can complete the purchase in about 2 minutes!

If you are buying this on behalf of a season ticket holder (as a gift or just helping out with the order) you will just need to know the season ticket holder’s name on the account and the Section, Row, and Seat Numbers.

Q: Will the seats be cleaned?

A: No. They will be removed as-is. We guarantee they will work. Just give them a good cleaning once you get them. They are indoor seats so clean appropriately.

Q: Can I actually sit in the seats?

A: Two people can sit in seats once properly assembled per our instructions. All of the seats will be shipped direct from the GA Dome to the customer. We check the seats to make sure each seat is in safe and working order. For stability, it is recommended to bolt the seats into your floor or deck. Please read all terms and conditions with your seats prior to use.

Q: I see your site is collecting money on PayPal. What if I don’t have a PayPal Account?

A: It’s all right if you don’t have a PayPal account. For your convenience, all sales are made using PayPal’s secure website. *You do not have to signup with PayPal to purchase from us. On the checkout page follow the link after “Don’t have a PayPal Account?” and you will be given the option of entering your credit card information without signing up for PayPal accounts.

Q: Where can I ship my seats?

A: Shipping is to Lower 48 USA ONLY! Should you wish to order seats outside of Lower 48 please email [email protected]

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is included in the price.

Q: Do I have to sign for the Fed-Ex package?

A: Seats: Typically No – but this is at the discretion of the delivery person. Shipments sent via FedEx Ground are sent without a recipient signature required.  If no one is home, FedEx will leave the package by the front door at the driver’s discretion.

Terms & Conditions of Seat Sale

These Georgia Dome Seats are sold solely for the purpose of being sports memorabilia. They are sold As-Is with no refunds and no warranties expressed or implied. If your seats are damage or broken during shipping please email [email protected] to start a claim. You will need to take photos of the damage and email to us. If for any reason whatsoever the seats sold become un-deliverable to the Customer that purchased such seats Schneider Industries and its principles shall have no obligation to the Customer other than to refund to the customer in full all monies paid for such seats. Customers will indemnify and hold harmless Schneider Industries and its principals from any liability or fitness of use of the seats/ items sold. It is understood that the customer is buying used stadium seats with no warranties.

Delivery: Seats are scheduled to be shipped from the Dome at some point between March 15th, 2017 to April 15th, 2017. They will be shipped Fed-Ex ground. This schedule will try to be met but is subject to change and any schedule changes will be announced on the sale website. Should the sales tax (as per local and state authorities) be incorrect as collected – Schneider Industries reserves the right to go back to the customer and collect whatever appropriate tax amount as set by tax authorities.

USE OF SEATS: When the seats were bolted to concrete in the stadium which they came from, the seats were stable.  But the seats are no longer bolted to concrete. Even after securely attaching the seats to the “L -Feet” shaped brackets that are provided to you, the seats could collapse or tip over, which could cause serious bodily injury, including, but not limited to, head, neck, and back injury.  Do not sit in, stand on, or otherwise use the stadium seats, and keep children away from the seats until the “L” brackets are securely fastened to a suitable floor.

Once your stadium seats are securely fastened to the “L” brackets provided to you, call a qualified professional, one who works with the types of flooring you have in mind for your seats, to install the “L” brackets to your flooring. Flooring varies and only a professional will know where and how the “L” brackets may be fastened to your floor without destroying or harming your floor and how to ensure that the “L” brackets are securely and safely fastened to your floor.

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